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 Open Enrollment for 2016 Health Insurance Plans:


Nov 1, 2015

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Jan 31, 2016


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- Lose coverage

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- Have a baby

- Get married or divorced

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- Have a significant


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These 4 companies (above) are offering the most-competitive prices for 2015 ACA Health Plans in most areas of Texas.


 Additional companies that will offer Texas Health Insurance Plans in 2016:


Memorial Hermann Health Plans

...Will offer PPO Plans in 2016!

...But, only in Houston Metro areas.

...And, only OFF-Exchange

(without any tax credits from the govt)


Molina Healthcare

...Lowering their rates for 2016

...But, Molina's 

Hospital Network is 

very small !!!

...Do not choose a Molina Plan until you look at the doctor/hospital network list !


Oscar Health

...New to Texas with lots of 1st-dollar coverage benefits!

...Only available in DFW & San Antonio areas


Scott & White

...Will offer PPO Plans in 2016!

.....But, only in certain Tx zip code areas

  DFW areas

  Central Tx areas


United HealthCare   (UHC)

...Yes, last year the network (and billing) was a nightmare.

 But, it was their 1st year to participate in the bug-ridden govt Marketplace.  

UHC has been known for their superb Customer Service for decades.  

We hope the old UHC will be back for 2016.....and have decent rates.





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Old PPO Network Links...

...for OLD plans:




Choose:  Individual Advantage Members (on 1st screen)


Note:  Aetna has different networks for each different plan!


You'll need to choose the plan you like best 1st!!!






Temporary Short-Term Plans:

- Use the CHOICE PPO network


2015 Plans:

- Choice PPO Plans

...Use the Choice PPO network

- Advantage HMO Plans

...Use the Advantage HMO network






2015 Plans:

- Use the Local PLUS network






Look for:      

Physician Finder

...near bottom on LEFT side of screen


2015 Plans:

- HMO Connect Plans -

...Use the HMOx network


- National Direct POS Plans -

...Use the National POS network









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