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IF you:

- Live in Texas

    ...  and  ...

- Might qualify for a

  Tax Credit

(if your income is low enough)

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Ruth Stewart


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 Open Enrollment for 2017 Health Insurance Plans:


Nov 1, 2016

   ... to ...

Jan 31, 2017



Special Enrollments

outside of Open Enrollment

are allowed IF you have

a Qualifying Life Event



- Lose coverage

at no fault of your own

- Have a baby

- Get married

- Get divorced

- Move to a different rating area

- Have a significant


- And more






We will not represent insurance companies that:


- Do not have a stable financial rating with    A.M. Best (the leading watchdog in the insurance industry).


Most of these companies have:

- Terrible Customer Service

...Just read their online reviews


- Awful Network experiences

...Can't find a doctor on the list who will treat you


- Billing problems

...Policies cancelled when you have paid your premiums


- Terrible Reviews

...You can check for online reviews in your search engine!

...Let the customer reviews speak for themselves (and warn you of potential nightmares)!


...There are more-and-more of these smaller companies entering this unstable market with low prices that will "look" attractive!


Buyer beware!


And, for your own protection, we can't help you buy them.


You will have access to their quotes... our Fast Quote Engine link below... compare them to the stable companies.


But, their quotes will only appear if you check the box for those companies.

(You'll see the un-checked boxes on left side of your quote screen.)


View & compare them on our Quote Engine.  


But, please do not buy them on our Quote Engine!


We don't have any legal protection for the nightmares that you might experience with these companies! 



Please call these un-checked companies & let them enroll you...

...or point you to their enrollment platforms...

...or buy their coverage on the government site.




Quick Quotes &

Enrollment Links



Use our

Fast Enrollment Engine





Off-exchange =

You do not qualify for a tax credit.

You want to avoid govt interaction as much as possible.



 Terrible prices!

Aetna's Quote Engine for 2017 quit working!




 Terrible prices!



Quote Engine not working.




Quote Engine not working.

  Humana will only offer 2017 plans in very limited areas of Texas!

And, prices will be terrible!



Memorial Hermann Health Plans

...Will offer limited plans in 2017

...But, only in Houston Metro areas.

...And, only OFF-Exchange

(without any tax credits from the govt)


Memorial Hermann Plans are very expensive!


Try Community Health Choice HMO 

... (in Houston & Beaumont areas)  

...for Memorial Hermann doctors & hospitals!


Community Health Choice offers a nice selection of plans VERY reasonable prices!!!

...with a nice, large network (for an HMO)!!!


Community Health Choice HMO  &

Molina Healthcare HMO plans can be compared HERE 


They'll offer the best "buys" (cheapest prices & excellent benefits)... most areas of SouthEast Texas for 2017!


Molina's Hospital Network is

small !!!


...Do not choose a Molina Plan until you look at the doctor/hospital network list (in your quotes at link above)!



Oscar Health

...Only available in San Antonio areas

....Great prices for 2017!!!



Scott & White

...Will offer one PPO Plan in 2017!

.....But, only in limited Tx counties

  - Limited DFW areas

  - Limited Central Tx areas


Deductible is high & it's not cheap!


Only available OFF-exchange

& you must request a special quote from Ruth.




United HealthCare   (UHC)

Will not offer plans in 2017.



Temporary Short-Term Coverage

 Quotes HERE


This free-market coverage is still priced right!


Why is it still today's high-priced market?

Because the govt has not stepped in to control this market.  

It's still a free-market product.


But, the govt will charge you their Tax Penalty if you buy free-market coverage.


Temporary ShortTerm policies do not cover:


1 - Pre-existing medical conditions!

       ...If you have a lump on your neck, don't buy it!

       ...This market is for those who are squeeky-clean healthy


don't mind paying cash for the small pre-existing stuff (like allergies) save thousands in monthly premiums!


2 - Wellness check-ups

       ...If you have a small child, this might not be the right choice for you.


These policies cover future illnesses or injuries that might happen to you in the future (while you own the policy).


They offer excellent catastrophic coverage for those unexpected things that might the best prices on the market!!!


There is underwriting involved.  They'll ask you a few health questions.

If you can answer "no" to their few questions, coverage is instantly issued.

Answer their questions carefully!  

They won't cover your claims if you have a history of any of the conditions listed in the questions...and did not tell them up front!


If you have high blood pressure, this is not a safe "buy" for you!

If you have a history of cancer, this is not a safe "buy" for you!



Our favorite ShortTerm policy is offered by HCC Life....HERE

HCC Life is rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best - the leading watchdog for financial stability in the insurance industry.


They offer a comprehensive major medical policy for illnesses & injuries.

You get an Rx discount card.

You can use any doctor or hospital!!!


HCC Life Quotes...

....and Quick Enrollments HERE





Shop online for the best health insurance rates in Texas!






Old PPO Network Links...

...for OLD plans:




Choose:  Individual Advantage Members (on 1st screen)


Note:  Aetna has different networks for each different plan!


You'll need to choose the plan you like best 1st!!!






Temporary Short-Term Plans:

- Use the CHOICE PPO network


2015 Plans:

- Choice PPO Plans

...Use the Choice PPO network

- Advantage HMO Plans

...Use the Advantage HMO network






2015 Plans:

- Use the Local PLUS network






Look for:      

Physician Finder

...near bottom on LEFT side of screen

- HMO Connect Plans -

...Use the HMOx network


- National Direct POS Plans -

...Use the National POS network









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